My research focuses on the cultural and political dimensions and intersections of modern Jewish history and British imperial history in the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, particularly the ideas of nationalism, imperialism, and decolonization.

My dissertation is entitled “Jewish Political Lives in the British Empire: Zionism, Nationalism, and Imperialism in India, South Africa, and Palestine, 1917-1948.” The project explores the nexus between Jewish politics and British imperialism in the age of nationalism by examining how Jewish elites in the British Empire understood and acted out their political loyalties, sense of national belonging, and visions of political futures.

The dissertation also examines Jewish conceptions of and relationships with Britain—its empire, modes of governance, political ideals, people, culture, and history—and the role that these ideas played in the formation of Jewish political culture.

My dissertation research, conducted in archives in Israel, Britain, and South Africa, has been supported by a grant from the Posen Foundation’s Posen Society of Fellows and by a Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) from the Social Science Research Council.

Thesis Title: "Jewish Political Lives at the End of Empire: Zionism, Nationalism, and British Imperialism in India, South Africa, and Palestine, 1917-1948."

Main Advisor: Professor Moss, Professor Walkowitz