I am a historian of slavery and emancipation in the nineteenth century United States and wider Atlantic world. My dissertation, “Yankee Blackbirding: The United States and the Illegal Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1848-1867,” examines US participation in the slave trade during its final phase.

In recent years, I have lectured and tutored at Johns Hopkins, Jessup Correctional Institution, and with Baltimore youth. I have a professional background in public history, digital humanities, and archival preservation, and incorporate those experiences into my teaching.

My article, “Ships of Wealth, Ships of Sorrow: Financing the Illegal Transatlantic Slave Trade During the Age of Suppression, 1850-1867,” was published in the Journal of Global History in November 2016.

Thesis Title: "The Illegal Transatlantic Slave Trade of the Northern United States, 1850–1865"

Main Advisor: Professor Morgan