Jonathan Megerian

I was born in Chicago, but spent most of my life living just outside of Boston. The son of an artist and a pediatric neurologist, growing up I had an eclectic range of interests. In high school I was convinced that I would pursue biology and medicine, but my interest in history grew enormously during my time as an undergraduate at Brandeis University. My areas of study concentrated mostly around American legal history and the political/institutional history of medieval Europe. I wrote my senior honors thesis on the development of a roaming judiciary in twelfth-century England, examining its relationship with the Norman Conquest. I am also passionate about literature and language: I’ve studied—with varying degrees of success—Spanish, Latin, French, Japanese, and German, and am self-teaching Anglo-Saxon English. At Hopkins, I work with Professors Spiegel and Marshall, studying the medieval and early modern histories of Western Europe. While my specific research interests are still developing, broadly speaking I hope to continue to investigate the intersection of political and sociocultural history.

Main Advisor: Professor Spiegel, Professor Marshall