December 5 & 6: “The Maker’s Space: Person, Place, and Production in Early Modern China”

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“The Maker’s Space: Person, Place, and Production in Early Modern China”

Thursday, December 5th (Shriver Board Room)

2:00-2:15pm — Introduction and Welcome

Tobie Meyer-Fong, Johns Hopkins University

2:30-3:30pm — Opening Session

Anne Lester, Johns Hopkins University,
“Finely Made from Afar: Making Materiality Matter”

3:45-6:15pm — Production in the Contact Zones

Kyoungjin Bae, Kenyon College,
“The Translation of Joinery and the Making of Export Furniture in Canton, 1700-1830”
BuYun Chen, Swarthmore College,
“The Bingata Workshop: The Making of Texts and Textiles in the Ryukyu Kingdom”
Yijun Wang, New York University,
“Creating Guangdong-style Pewter in Qing China”
Sarah Zanolini, Johns Hopkins University,
“A Tale of Three Tubers: On Knowledge Production and the Circulation of Potatoes, Sweet
Potatoes, and Chinese Yams in Early Modern China”

Chair: Jack Bandy, Johns Hopkins University

Friday, December 6th (Levering Great Hall)

9:15-11:15am — Technologies and Gender

Binbin Yang, Hong Kong University,
“Diaries of a Filial Daughter Ma 馬孝女 (1887-1906): “Technologies of the Self” as
Knowledge Production in Anhui and Nationwide”
Xiaoqian Ji, Johns Hopkins University,
“Making Hair Dye with Recipes: Cosmetic Knowledge for Men in Late Imperial China”
Yao Chunmin, Shanxi Normal University,
“Fashioning the Foot for Men Who Play Women: Qiao (false feet) as Material Culture
on Stage and as Object of Discourse (1774-1952)”

Chair: Victoria Cass, Johns Hopkins University

12:30-2:30pm — Workshops of the Mind

Katherine Alexander, University of Colorado,
“Making Good: Labor and Laborers in Post-Taiping Moral Reconstruction”
Marta Hanson, Johns Hopkins University,
“The Maker’s Place for Treating Illness: The Healer’s Space within the Myriad Treasures
(Wanbao quanshu  萬寶全書, 1596 ed.”
Bruce Rusk, University of British Columbia,
“Imaginary Workshops: The Fictional Functionaries behind the Xuande Censers”

Chair: Philip Kafalas, Georgetown University

3:00-5:00pm — Making and the Qing State, Early and Late

Kaijun Chen, Brown University,
“Imperial Models: Design and Technology in State-Controlled Porcelain Manufacture
in Early Qing Dynasty”
Chuck Wooldridge, Lehman College,
“Yamen as Maker: Maintenance and the State in Northern Taiwan, 1850-1895”
Julia Wu, Johns Hopkins University,
“The Place of a Shamanic Shrine in the Making of the Qing Court: The New Year
Tangse Celebration”

Chair: Ting Zhang, University of Maryland at College Park

5:15-6:15pm — Concluding Round Table

Binbin Yang, Bruce Rusk, Kaijun Chen, and Anne Lester
Moderator: Tobie Meyer-Fong


Sponsored by the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation, East Asian Studies, and the History Department with additional support from the History of Science & Technology and History of Medicine Departments