Call for WGS Teaching Fellowship Applications

Posted: October 24, 2023

The JHU Program in Women, Gender and Sexuality would like to announce the opening of the application process for next year’s WGS teaching fellowships!

ALL GRADUATE STUDENTS INTERESTED IN WGS and anyone who anticipates applying for these teaching fellowships (this year or in the future) are invited to meet with the WGS Board on Friday, October 27, 2pm-3pm in Gilman 208. In keeping with WGS tradition, refreshments will be served!

The Program for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality announces TWO (2) Teaching Fellowships to be awarded to advanced Krieger School graduate students for the 2024-25 academic year.

Candidates must have completed at least two years of graduate courses and have advanced to candidacy (ABD) before they teach.

WGS Teaching Fellowships provide the same pay, benefits and tuition as a Dean’s Teaching Fellowship (DTF). Unlike a DTF, these Teaching Fellowships are awarded by a decision of the WGS Board.

The WGS Board will choose the two applicants whose course proposals and supporting materials lead us to believe that their pedagogy and intellectual engagements will most benefit the Program’s goals in terms of undergraduate education.

We ask candidates to indicate under which of the following rubrics (one or more) their proposed course could appear, as well as the semester(s) they are able to teach.

Rubric 1 is for teaching a 300-level (advanced) course in “Feminist and Queer Theory.” Proposals can emphasize feminist or queer theory or both. We also welcome proposals that focus on feminist and/or queer literatures or histories. The course can be taught in either semester.

Rubric 2 is for teaching a 300-level (advanced) course under the heading of “Gender and Sexuality beyond the Global West.” The course can be taught in either semester.

Rubric 3 is for teaching a 300-level (advanced) course under the heading of “The Poetics and Politics of Sex.” Proposals can emphasize the literary/artistic or the political or both. The course can be taught in either semester.

Rubric 4 is for teaching a course that addresses issues of social justice, community health, community organizing, and/or social work from perspectives in dialogue with feminist and queer studies. Students in this course will be taking an Internship Practicum with a Baltimore community group or organization. This course proposal should be taught at the 400 level; we are interested in innovative methodological/theoretical approaches. This course will be taught in Spring 2025.

Applicants should speak to their departmental graduate director and/or chair to understand what a fellowship would mean in terms of teaching obligations/support from their department. Students interested in proposing a course should work in coordination with their academic advisor to develop curricular content and pedagogical techniques drawn from the applicant’s own research interests.

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Culbert at

Final application materials include: 1) A letter of application; 2) A two-page description of the course being offered[CS1] ; 3) A draft of the course syllabus; 4) A form or letter from your department chair in support of your candidacy; and, 5) One letter of reference (to be sent separately by your referee.)

Deadline: Monday, December 11, 2023

Submission: Applicants email materials 1-4, and letter writers email 5, directly to Danielle Stout at  

Decision: Monday, January 15, 2024