Alvaro Caso-Bello

I completed my undergraduate education in Humanities-History at Universidad de Montevideo (Uruguay). I also earned a M.A. Degree in "History of the Hispanic World – Ibero-American Independence" from Universitat Jaume I (Spain). I am interested in the Spanish Monarchy from the mid-seventeenth century until the mid-nineteenth century, with a focus on political history, political identities, political thought, and culture. I have published some articles on political concepts in the "Age of Independence." During my first year at Hopkins I focused on the study of creole identity in Latin America the first decades of the nineteenth century. I am also interested in the Atlantic World and particularly, in the British Atlantic and its relations with the Spanish Atlantic in terms of politics, commerce, culture and mutual perceptions. I have an interest on current Latin American debates such as, poverty, education, democratic development, populism and politics. I have published columns on these topics in Uruguayan newspaper El País.

My scholarly published articles may be found on the Johns Hopkins' Academia website.

Main Advisor: Professor Paquette, Professor Marshall