Linda Tchernyshyov

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Modern European History with a focus on Germany (M.A. 2011). In my dissertation “Experiencing Ragtime and Jazz in Germany, 1890-1945,” I analyze the cultural and social practices of popular music from a historical and musicological perspective. My research contributes to the fields of history as well as musicology, and engages with the methodology of cultural history through the lenses of music and body.

 My deep interest in teaching is reflected in two self-designed courses: “Music and Politics in Modern Europe” (Intersession 2014) and a Dean’s Teaching Fellowship course “The Holocaust” (Spring 2015). As a member of the “Preparing Future Faculty Teaching Academy” (JHU), I engage with the theory and methodology of pedagogy in order to develop teaching further. In particular, I focus on how to use Digital Humanities inside and outside of the classroom.

Thesis Title: "Experiencing and Performing Ragtime and Jazz in Germany, 1890-1945"

Main Advisor: Professor Jelavich