Sarah Templier

I arrived as a graduate student in Johns Hopkins History Department in 2013. I had just finished the Masters in History program at the Université de Montréal, where I also did my undergraduate degree. During my first two years as a graduate student, I will specialize myself in eighteenth-century America and Atlantic world. My research interests center on commercial and consumer culture, gender, and material culture. My MA thesis focused on Elizabeth Powel, an elite, well-connected, eminent hostess, of revolutionary and early republican Philadelphia. More specifically, I analyzed Elizabeth Powel’s social interactions and self-presentation to society through her material environment and her epistolary discourses. My most recent project (First Year Paper) investigated the theft and recirculation of clothes, textiles, and accessories in late eighteenth-century Philadelphia. Through the theft and recirculation of clothing, this paper touched on topics such as the informal economy, and the everyday fashion. In my dissertation, I explore furthermore the circulation and consumption of clothing and textiles in the legal and shadow economies of the French and British colonies in eighteenth-century North America.

Main Advisor: Professor Ditz, Professor Morgan