Scott Kasten

I am a historian of modern Europe, with specific interests in France. I am
primarily interested in the political, social, and cultural impacts of capitalism,
particularly neoliberalism, both in a trans-Atlantic comparative sense and in terms
of the effects of neoliberalism on Europe.

I have also done work on the use of development aid by OECD nations (mostly
France) in Africa during the 1960s, highlighting the balance of wanting to help
with the promotion of self-interest, as well as how those development policies
contributed to today’s neoliberal practices.

Other interests include the history of the European Union, postwar tensions
between the nation-state and supranational entities, and issues related to urban
history. My MA thesis was on the destruction of (and battle to save) the market
pavilions at Les Halles in Paris during the late 1960s and how Les Halles was
representative of various struggles France faced during its postwar

I have a BA in Finance from Wartburg College, a law degree from Loyola
University-New Orleans, and an MA in History from Georgia State. I live in the
Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC with my wife, son, and daughter. At
JHU I work with Todd Shepard and Angus Burgin.

Main Advisor: Professor Walters