Yuval Tal

Yuval Tal is a doctoral student working under the supervision of Todd Shepard. His dissertation, “The Ethnic Republic: The European Contours of the French Universal Idea and the Making of French Algeria, 1870-1919,” studies the intersections between anti-Jewish politics in Algeria, colonial anti-Muslim politics, and the xenophobic discourse and policies French settlers and colonial administrators directed at the colony’s “Mediterranean” immigrants. He examines the various encounters between Jews, Muslims and Christians in Algeria and argues that these encounters compelled republican elites in France to articulate and write into law the ethnic traits of the French body politic.

Before coming to Johns Hopkins, Yuval earned his BA and MA in history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he worked with Prof. Richard I. Cohen. His broader areas of interest include Mediterranean history, immigration and citizenship, nationalism and imperialism, history of race and racism, history of gender and sexuality and urban history.

Main Advisor: Professor Shepard