2020 Butler and Ditz Prize Winners

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Congratulations to Arthur Lee on winning this year’s Butler Prize for his paper “‘Illustrating’ the Haitian Revolution: Prints and the Politics of Visuality”!

The Butler Prize is awarded annually to the best paper written by a first-year graduate student. Each year the chair of the department appoints a faculty committee to select the winner. Papers are normally nominated by faculty sponsors. The prize was established in 1957 by Dr. Alexander Butler, a graduate of the department.

Congratulations to Mo Speller on winning the Toby Ditz Prize for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching for his freshman seminar “Displacement: A History of U.S. Cities from Urban Renewal to Gentrification” (AS.100.140, Fall 2019)!

In addition to the importance of her scholarship, Toby Ditz was a remarkable mentor and teacher, deeply committed to her undergraduate and graduate students. By awarding a teaching prize for best graduate teaching assistant, the Ditz Prize signals the department’s commitment to outstanding teaching, honors excellence in graduate students and dedication to undergraduates, and perpetuates Toby Ditz’s memory for future generations of students. 

The Ditz Prize was established in 2019.