The department offers one BA/MA option for current undergraduate students: an accelerated program at JHU.

4-Year BA/MA Program

The BA/MA program is an accelerated program that allows the undergraduate to complete a BA and an MA in history in four years. It is designed for students who demonstrate exceptional scholarly ability and assumes that the student will complete most other requirements for graduation by the end of the junior year. Minimum prerequisites for admission include:

  • A GPA of 3.8 or higher
  • Completion of language requirements through the intermediate level by the end of the junior year
  • Securing a faculty sponsor in the Department of History in advance of application

Students seeking admission into the BA/MA program should submit a formal application to the regular graduate program in history. The application deadline is December 15 of the junior year.

The program of study during the senior year includes:

  • 6–7 credits of graduate reading and research seminars or independent study each semester
  • Mastery of scholarship in student’s area of research concentration, demonstrated by the successful completion of a graduate field examination in that area of concentration
  • Completion of a major scholarly research essay equivalent in quality to those completed by first-year graduate students in the regular doctoral program (in lieu of the senior thesis)

For questions and further details about the program, please consult the BA-MA instruction sheet. Otherwise, contact the current director of undergraduate studies, or Megan Zeller, graduate coordinator, Department of History.