Graduate Students

  • Faisal Abualhassan

    Faisal Abualhassan

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th century Imperialism; Imperial subjects in transnational exchanges; France, the French Empire and the Arab world; Afro-Arab worlds; Comparative historical-sociological methods

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Shai Alleson-Gerberg

    Research Interests:  Sabbateanism and anti-Sabbatean polemics, Jewish-Christian relations and Jewish anti-Christian polemics, Religious syncretism, Interactions between Kabbalah, Halacha, philosophy and science in the Baroque era and the Enlightenment

    Main Adviser: Professor Maciejko

  • Yuri Amano

    Yuri Amano

    Research Interests:  Eighteenth-century British North America; Early American Republic, History of Medicine and the Body

    Main Adviser: Professor Furstenberg

  • Halle-Mackenzie Ashby

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly, Professor Johnson

  • David Attali

    Research Interests:  Modern France, France's Third Republic, Sociology of Nationalism, Far Right Politics, and European Intellectual History

    Main Adviser: Professor Moss, Professor Shepard

  • Samuel Backer

    Research Interests:  Culture and Class in the American Gilded Age, Histories of Capitalism, Atlantic History, Popular Music, Digital History

    Main Adviser: Professor Burgin, Professor Furstenberg

  • John Bandy

    John Bandy

    Research Interests:  Late Imperial and modern Chinese history, frontiers and borderlands, the Chinese maritime world, intellectual communities and networks, local activism

    Main Adviser: Professor W. Rowe, Professor Meyer-Fong

  • Olivia Barnard

    Main Adviser: Professor Johnson, Professor Jones

  • Emma Bilski

    Emma Bilski

    Research Interests:  Early Modern empires in the Americas, religious history and occult spirituality, indigenous peoples' history, Spanish Florida, Atlantic history, comparative history, maritime history

    Main Adviser: Professor E. Rowe, Professor Johnson

  • Laurence Bond

    Main Adviser: Professor Lester

  • Lee Borocz-Johnson

    Lee Borocz-Johnson

    Research Interests:  History of Political Thought; Intellectual History; Historiography; Textual Criticism; Early Modern Britain; Colonial America; Atlantic History; History of the Common Law; The English Romantics; History of Constitutional Thought; Ecclesiastical Constitutionalism; Receptions of Platonist and Idealist Philosophy; History of Education; Legacies of the English Civil War in the Eighteenth Century

    Main Adviser: Professor Marshall

  • Alvaro Caso-Bello

    Alvaro Caso-Bello

    Research Interests:  Iberian Empires in the age of Revolutions, Colonial and early-Republican Latin America; British Empire, Comparative history of the Atlantic Empires

    Main Adviser: Professor Paquette, Professor Marshall

  • Jilene Chua

    Research Interests:  20th-century U.S. history; modern empires; gender and sexuality; Philippine studies; cultural histories of the body

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard, Professor Jones

  • Nathan Daniels

    Nathan Daniels

    Research Interests:  Medieval France, Urban Space, Social Relations, Cultural Production, Digital History

    Thesis Title: "Crafting Society: Guild Life and Urban Organization in Paris, 1292-1350"

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel

  • Constance de Font-Reaulx

    Constance de Font-Reaulx

    Research Interests:  Early Modern France; Environmental history; Cultural and Social Theory; History of consumption; Old Regime political economy, and state formation.

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Sean Delehanty

    Research Interests:  20th Century U.S. History, History of Capitalism, History of International Development

    Main Adviser: Professor Burgin

  • Nir Eydan

    Research Interests:  Early Modern France, Cultural History, History of Medicine, Popular Culture

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Lauren Feldman

    Lauren Feldman

    Research Interests:  Nineteenth-century United States history; history of marriage and family; histories of gender, sexuality, and race; history of intimacy and intimate relationships

    Main Adviser: Professor Jones, Professor Walters

  • Jeremy Fradkin

    Jeremy Fradkin

    Research Interests:  17th-century Britain and Ireland; Protestant and Catholic Reformations; toleration; religious war; Christian-Jewish relations; colonialism and evangelization; migration, diaspora, and exile; intellectual history

    Thesis Title: "Religious Toleration and Protestant Expansion in Revolutionary England, 1642-1658"

    Main Adviser: Professor Marshall

  • Joao Gabriel

    Research Interests:  Prison, Capitalism, Privatization process, France, 19th and 20th century French colonialism, Caribbean and France's overseas territories, Guadaloupe

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Meredith Gaffield

    Meredith Gaffield

    Research Interests:  Early Modern France; The French Atlantic; Eighteenth-century French Caribbean; Revolutionary Atlantic; migration and mobility; race and citizenship

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass, Professor Morgan

  • Francis Galasi

    Francis Galasi

    Research Interests:  Early Modern Spain, Spanish Philippines, Catholicism

    Main Adviser: Professor E. Rowe, Professor Spiegel

  • Guillermo Garcia Montufar

    Research Interests:  Early colonial Latin America; The appearances, formation, and nuances of Spanish-American creole-patriotism in the 16th and 17th centuries

    Main Adviser: Professor Kagan

  • Yonatan Glazer-Eytan

    Yonatan Glazer-Eytan

    Research Interests:  Spain and its empire, 15th-17th centuries, inquisition, converted minorities, religious transgression, sacred images, cross-confessional polemic, diasporas, Mediterranean studies

    Main Adviser: Professor Kagan, Professor Paquette

  • Kalina Hadzhikova

    Research Interests:  Medieval history, medieval historiography, crusades, history of mental illness, cultural history, intellectual history

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel

  • Chloe Hawkey

    Chloe Hawkey

    Research Interests:  20th century US intellectual history, American literature, and history of the wilderness

    Main Adviser: Professor Burgin, Professor Furstenberg

  • Dominique Hazzard

    Dominique Hazzard

    Research Interests:  20th-century U.S. history; race and real estate; history of capitalism; environmental history; African American families and migration; food history

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly, Professor Jackson

  • Catherine Hinchliff

    Catherine Hinchliff

    Research Interests:  Early Modern Britain

    Main Adviser: Professor Marshall

  • Xiaoqian Ji

    Xiaoqian Ji

    Research Interests:  Early Modern China

    Main Adviser: Professor Meyer-Fong, Professor W. Rowe

  • Scott Kasten

    Scott Kasten

    Research Interests:  History of capitalism and sports (specifically baseball). I am interested in the intersections between baseball and audiences, branding, and the continual corporatization of Major League Baseball

    Main Adviser: Professor Walters

  • Thomas Keegan

    Research Interests:  19th century Southern Africa and Africa; transnational perspectives; cultural history; empire and law; environmental history

    Main Adviser: Professor Larson, Professor Thornberry

  • Jessica Keene

    Jessica Keene

    Research Interests:  Early Modern Britain; Protestant and Catholic Reformations; History of Gender and Sexuality; Perceptions of Illicit and Depraved Sexuality in Reformation Thought

    Thesis Title: "'Spiritual Fornication': Monasticism and Sexual Depravity in Reformation England"

    Main Adviser: Professor Marshall

  • Kevin Kind

    Kevin Kind

    Research Interests:  Late Imperial Chinese History, Chinese Social History, Ethnic Minorities in Chinese History, Islam in Chinese History

    Main Adviser: Professor Meyer-Fong, Professor W. Rowe

  • Magdalene Klassen-Marshall

    Main Adviser: Professor Hindmarch-Watson, Professor Moss

  • Alexey Krichtal

    Research Interests:  Atlantic History, Colonial and Early Republic United States, British Empire, Slavery and Slave Trade

    Main Adviser: Professor Morgan

  • Zvi Kunshtat

    Main Adviser: Professor Maciejko

  • Brooke Lansing

    Brooke Lansing

    Research Interests:  Nineteenth-Century America; Histories of Medicine and the Body; Gender and Sexuality; Reproduction; Beauty and Entertainment Cultures

    Main Adviser: Professor Walters, Professor Fissell

  • Arthur Lee

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Vincenza Mazzeo

    Main Adviser: Professor Larson, Professor Thornberry

  • Jonathan Megerian

    Research Interests:  Late Medieval and Renaissance social history; history of science and medicine; theory and historiography

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel, Professor Marshall

  • Ryan Mewett

    Ryan Mewett

    Research Interests:  18th century Britain and the British Atlantic; early American republic; naval and maritime history; early capitalism, finance, and political economy

    Main Adviser: Professor Marshall, Professor Morgan

  • Kelsey Moore

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly, Professor Jackson

  • Thera Naiman

    Thera Naiman

    Research Interests:  Modern France, Cultural History, History of Science, Animal Studies, Environmental History, and Gender and Sexuality

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Timothy O’Brien

    Main Adviser: Professor E. Rowe

  • Asmin Omerovic

    Research Interests:  Medieval Islam, medieval historiography, medieval and early modern Mediterranean economic history

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel

  • Elena Palazzolo

    Main Adviser: Professor Furstenberg, Professor Jones

  • Malaurie Pilatte

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly, Professor Jackson

  • Alexander Profaci

    Research Interests:  High Medieval European cultural history; medieval France, England and Spain; historical writing and historiography; the medieval nobility; literary and critical theory; medieval literature

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel

  • Oriol Regue Sendros

    Oriol Regue Sendros

    Research Interests:  Spain and its Empire, 18th and 19th centuries, Modern Empires in Global Perspective, the Caribbean, Liberalism, Slavery, Race, Religion and Citizenship

    Main Adviser: Professor Paquette

  • Elliot Root

    Elliot Root

    Research Interests:  The cultural history of racism, capitalism, and power in late 19th and early 20th century American cities; sensory history; biography

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly

  • Tarquin Schwartz

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th Century South Africa; Gender and Sexuality; History of Race; Urban History; British Empire

    Main Adviser: Professor Larson, Professor Thornberry

  • Morgan Shahan

    Morgan Shahan

    Research Interests:  20th-century U.S. social and cultural history; social movements and the carceral state

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly, Professor Walters

  • Gregory Smaldone

    Gregory Smaldone

    Research Interests:  Early Modern France, Finance and the French Revolution, History of credit markets, Economic History of Early Modern Europe

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Shanoaha Smith

    Main Adviser: Professor Kim, Professor Meyer-Fong

  • Mo Speller

    Mo Speller

    Research Interests:  Nineteenth and twentieth century history, Urban history, American history, Transnational history, History of capitalism, Race and racism, Space and place

    Main Adviser: Professor Ryan, Professor Connolly

  • Taylor Stephens

    Research Interests:  20th Century United States, Intellectual History, History of Capitalism, Political and Social Theory, History of the Social Sciences

    Main Adviser: Professor Burgin

  • Simone Stewart

    Simone Stewart

    Research Interests:  Gender and sexuality; Modern European history; Post-colonial transnational movements; Colonial and post-colonial feminism; Modern French history; Modern British history; Caribbean history; The history of prostitution; Women and gender in Europe; Post-colonial identity politics; French West African history; Post-colonial/post-modern historical novels; Jamaican history; Women behaving badly, in general; Global imaginings of "Jamaica" and modern revolutionary movements

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Yuval Tal

    Yuval Tal

    Research Interests:  Mediterranean history, immigration and citizenship, nationalism and imperialism, history of race and racism, history of gender and sexuality and urban history

    Main Adviser: Professor Moss, Professor Shepard

  • Linda Tchernyshyov

    Linda Tchernyshyov

    Thesis Title: "Experiencing and Performing Ragtime and Jazz in Germany, 1890-1945"

    Main Adviser: Professor Jelavich

  • Sarah Templier

    Sarah Templier

    Research Interests:  Eighteenth-century French and British North America; Early American Republic; gender, consumer and commercial culture, material culture, clothing, textiles, and fashion

    Main Adviser: Professor Ditz, Professor Morgan

  • Christina Thomas

    Christina Thomas

    Research Interests:  US Slavery, African American History, African American Family History, Biography

    Main Adviser: Professor Jackson, Professor Johnson

  • Tara Tran

    Tara Tran

    Research Interests:  Hospitality; Human Rights & Humanitarianism; Modern France; Southeast Asia; Cambodia; Empire; International, Transnational, and Global History; Women, Gender & Sexuality

    Thesis Title: "Hospitality Engendered: Women's Bodies, Empire, and Humanitarianism in Colonial Cambodia"

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Alan van den Arend

    Alan van den Arend

    Research Interests:  Intellectual History, Classical Reception, Neo-Latin, Social Theory, and "Stupidity"

    Main Adviser: Professor Celenza, Professor Marshall

  • Joseph Wallace

    Joseph Wallace

    Research Interests:  American Legal History, The Early American Republic, Atlantic History, Early Modern France, and the History of Capitalism

    Main Adviser: Professor Furstenberg

  • Rachel Waxman

    Rachel Waxman

    Research Interests:  Early modern France, consumer culture and fashion, cross-cultural encounters, globalization, the French Revolution

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Pelia Werth

    Main Adviser: Professor Lester

  • Jennie Williams

    Research Interests:  American slavery and the slave trade, quantitative and cliometric approaches to social history, women and gender, and the 18th and 19th century Atlantic world

    Thesis Title: "Bound Away: The Coastal Domestic Slave Trade in the Antebellum United States, 1820-1860"

    Main Adviser: Professor Furstenberg, Professor Morgan

  • Julia Wu

    Main Adviser: Professor Meyer-Fong, Professor W. Rowe

  • Alexander Young

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Václav Zheng

    Václav Zheng

    Research Interests:  Premodern East Central Europe; Czech, Polish and Slovak Cultural History; Renaissance Poland; Urban History; Fashion and Mentality; Christian-Jewish Relations; Human-Nature Relations; Microhistory; Anthropological History; Historical Theory and Historiography; West Slavic Literature

    Main Adviser: Professor Maciejko