Graduate Students

  • Faisal Abualhassan

    Faisal Abualhassan

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th century Imperialism; Imperial subjects in transnational exchanges; France, the French Empire and the Arab world; Afro-Arab worlds; Comparative historical-sociological methods

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Shai Alleson-Gerberg

    Research Interests:  Sabbateanism and anti-Sabbatean polemics, Jewish-Christian relations and Jewish anti-Christian polemics, Religious syncretism, Interactions between Kabbalah, Halacha, philosophy and science in the Baroque era and the Enlightenment

    Main Adviser: Professor Maciejko

  • Yuri Amano

    Yuri Amano

    Research Interests:  Eighteenth-century British North America; Early American Republic, History of Medicine and the Body

    Main Adviser: Professor Furstenberg

  • Halle-Mackenzie Ashby

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly, Professor Johnson

  • David Attali

    Research Interests:  Modern France, France's Third Republic, Sociology of Nationalism, Far Right Politics, and European Intellectual History

    Main Adviser: Professor Moss, Professor Shepard

  • Samuel Backer

    Research Interests:  Culture and Class in the American Gilded Age, Histories of Capitalism, Atlantic History, Popular Music, Digital History

    Main Adviser: Professor Burgin, Professor Furstenberg

  • Olivia Barnard

    Main Adviser: Professor Johnson, Professor Jones

  • Achinoam Bentov

    Achinoam Bentov

    Research Interests:  East-Central Europe, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Mass Violence, Diplomatic History, Frontiers and Borderlands

    Main Adviser: Professor Maciejko

  • Emma Bilski

    Emma Bilski

    Research Interests:  Spirituality and empire in the early modern Atlantic world, Indigenous peoples' history, pre-Seminole Florida, Baltimore as Native space, public history, missionary colonialism, and maritime history

    Main Adviser: Professor E. Rowe, Professor Johnson

  • Laurence Bond

    Laurence Bond

    Research Interests:  Late-medieval England, religion, lay piety, popular devotion, vernacular theology, history of education, social history, cultural history, intellectual history

    Main Adviser: Professor Lester

  • Lee Borocz-Johnson

    Lee Borocz-Johnson

    Research Interests:  History of Political Thought; Intellectual History; Historiography; Textual Criticism; Early Modern Britain; Colonial America; Atlantic History; History of the Common Law; The English Romantics; History of Constitutional Thought; Ecclesiastical Constitutionalism; Receptions of Platonist and Idealist Philosophy; History of Education; Legacies of the English Civil War in the Eighteenth Century

    Main Adviser: Professor Marshall

  • Jacob Bruggeman

    Jacob Bruggeman

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th century U.S. history; history of ideas; social histories of capitalism in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era; political economy; print media and identity; economic and cultural geography; American regionalism; midwestern history economic, cultural, and literary history

    Main Adviser: Professor Burgin, Professor Furstenberg

  • Jilene Chua

    Research Interests:  20th-century U.S. history; modern empires; gender and sexuality; Philippine studies; cultural histories of the body

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard, Professor Jones

  • Nathan Daniels

    Nathan Daniels

    Research Interests:  Medieval France, Urban Space, Social Relations, Cultural Production, Digital History

    Thesis Title: "Crafting Society: Guild Life and Urban Organization in Paris, 1292-1350"

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel

  • Constance de Font-Reaulx

    Constance de Font-Reaulx

    Research Interests:  Early Modern France; Environmental history; Cultural and Social Theory; History of consumption; Old Regime political economy, and state formation.

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Sean Delehanty

    Research Interests:  20th Century U.S. History, History of Capitalism, History of International Development

    Main Adviser: Professor Burgin

  • Nir Eydan

    Research Interests:  Early Modern France, Cultural History, History of Medicine, Popular Culture

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Lauren Feldman

    Lauren Feldman

    Research Interests:  Nineteenth-century United States history; history of marriage and family; histories of gender, sexuality, and race; history of intimacy and intimate relationships

    Main Adviser: Professor Jones, Professor Walters

  • Joao Gabriel

    Joao Gabriel

    Research Interests:  Prison, Capitalism, Privatization process, France, 19th and 20th century French colonialism, Caribbean and France's overseas territories, Guadaloupe

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Meredith Gaffield

    Meredith Gaffield

    Research Interests:  Early Modern France; The French Atlantic; Eighteenth-century French Caribbean; Revolutionary Atlantic; migration and mobility; race and citizenship

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass, Professor Morgan

  • Francis Galasi

    Francis Galasi

    Research Interests:  Early Modern Spain, Spanish Philippines, Catholicism

    Main Adviser: Professor E. Rowe, Professor Spiegel

  • Guillermo Garcia Montufar

    Research Interests:  Early colonial Latin America; The appearances, formation, and nuances of Spanish-American creole-patriotism in the 16th and 17th centuries

    Main Adviser: Professor Kagan

  • Kendra Grissom

    Research Interests:  20th century African American history, social history, labor history, and radicalism

    Main Adviser: Professor Jackson

  • Kalina Hadzhikova

    Research Interests:  Medieval history, medieval historiography, crusades, history of mental illness, cultural history, intellectual history

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel

  • Chloe Hawkey

    Chloe Hawkey

    Research Interests:  20th century US intellectual history, American literature, and history of the wilderness

    Main Adviser: Professor Burgin, Professor Furstenberg

  • Dominique Hazzard

    Dominique Hazzard

    Research Interests:  20th-century U.S. history; race and real estate; history of capitalism; environmental history; African American families and migration; food history

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly, Professor Jackson

  • Catherine Hinchliff

    Catherine Hinchliff

    Research Interests:  Early Modern Britain

    Main Adviser: Professor Marshall

  • Xiaoqian Ji

    Xiaoqian Ji

    Research Interests:  Early Modern China

    Main Adviser: Professor Meyer-Fong, Professor W. Rowe

  • Scott Kasten

    Scott Kasten

    Research Interests:  History of capitalism and sports (specifically baseball). I am interested in the intersections between baseball and audiences, branding, and the continual corporatization of Major League Baseball

    Main Adviser: Professor Walters

  • Thomas Keegan

    Research Interests:  West Africa in the broader world, print cultures and literacy, scientific and medical discourses, masculinity and gender more broadly, race, nationalism and Pan-Africanism

    Main Adviser: Professor Thornberry

  • Magdalene Klassen

    Magdalene Klassen

    Research Interests:  19th and early-20th century Britain and British empire, Jewish migration, sex work, agriculture, transnational history

    Main Adviser: Professor Hindmarch-Watson, Professor Moss

  • Laura Konisek

    Main Adviser: Professor Furstenberg

  • Alexey Krichtal

    Research Interests:  Atlantic History, Colonial and Early Republic United States, British Empire, Slavery and Slave Trade

    Main Adviser: Professor Morgan

  • Zvi Kunshtat

    Zvi Kunshtat

    Research Interests:  Early modern history, Habsburg Empire; Counter-Reformation; the Lands of the Bohemian Crown; History of ideas, knowledge, and scholarship; Education and social mobility; Jewish studies; Rabbinic culture, Jewish philosophy, law, and Kabbalah

    Main Adviser: Professor Maciejko

  • Brooke Lansing

    Brooke Lansing

    Research Interests:  Nineteenth-Century America; Histories of Medicine and the Body; Gender and Sexuality; Reproduction; Beauty and Entertainment Cultures

    Main Adviser: Professor Walters, Professor Fissell

  • Arthur Lee

    Arthur Lee

    Research Interests:  Early Modern France; the French Revolution; cultural and social history; history of information; news and rumor; the French Atlantic

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Fan Mang

    Main Adviser: Professor Meyer-Fong, Professor W. Rowe

  • Vincenza Mazzeo

    Main Adviser: Professor Larson, Professor Thornberry

  • Jonathan Megerian

    Research Interests:  Late Medieval and Renaissance social history; history of science and medicine; theory and historiography

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel, Professor Marshall

  • Ryan Mewett

    Ryan Mewett

    Research Interests:  18th century Britain and the British Atlantic; early American republic; naval and maritime history; early capitalism, finance, and political economy

    Main Adviser: Professor Marshall, Professor Morgan

  • Kelsey Moore

    Kelsey Moore

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th century African American History, African American women's history, Black feminist geographies, African American Literature

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly, Professor Jackson

  • Thera Naiman

    Thera Naiman

    Research Interests:  Modern France, Cultural History, History of Science, Animal Studies, Environmental History, and Gender and Sexuality

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Timothy O’Brien

    Timothy O’Brien

    Research Interests:  Early modern religious and cultural history, especially in the Iberian world; history of Christian spirituality and mysticism

    Main Adviser: Professor E. Rowe

  • Mihai Olteanu

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Asmin Omerovic

    Research Interests:  Medieval Islam, medieval historiography, medieval and early modern Mediterranean economic history

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel

  • Elena Palazzolo

    Elena Palazzolo

    Research Interests:  Nineteenth-century Atlantic world, the United States in the Atlantic World, the French Atlantic, food and culinary history, race and racism, transnational migration, slavery and diaspora, Creolization, immigration and the law, citizenship and assimilation, gender and sexuality, family narratives/microhistory, nationalism and nation-building

    Main Adviser: Professor Furstenberg, Professor Jones

  • Alexander Peeples

    Main Adviser: Professor Thornberry

  • Malaurie Pilatte

    Malaurie Pilatte

    Research Interests:  African American History; 19th and 20th century U.S History; African American Women’s History; Gender and Sexualities; History of Ideas; Transnational histories & mobility (focus on France and Francophone world); African Diaspora

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly, Professor Jones

  • Alexander Profaci

    Research Interests:  High Medieval European cultural history; medieval France, England and Spain; historical writing and historiography; the medieval nobility; literary and critical theory; medieval literature

    Main Adviser: Professor Spiegel

  • Oriol Regue Sendros

    Oriol Regue Sendros

    Research Interests:  Spain and its Empire, 18th and 19th centuries, Modern Empires in Global Perspective, the Caribbean, Liberalism, Slavery, Race, Religion and Citizenship

    Main Adviser: Professor Paquette

  • Anna Roberts

    Anna Roberts

    Research Interests:  18th-century Britain; history of gender, sexuality & the family; political economy; state lotteries

    Main Adviser: Professor Fissell, Professor Marshall

  • Elliot Root

    Elliot Root

    Research Interests:  The cultural history of racism, capitalism, and power in late 19th and early 20th century American cities; sensory history; biography

    Main Adviser: Professor Connolly

  • Wesley Sampias

    Main Adviser: Professor Kim, Professor Meyer-Fong

  • Tarquin Schwartz

    Research Interests:  19th and 20th Century South Africa; Gender and Sexuality; History of Race; Urban History; British Empire

    Main Adviser: Professor Larson, Professor Thornberry

  • Gregory Smaldone

    Gregory Smaldone

    Research Interests:  Early Modern France, Finance and the French Revolution, History of credit markets, Economic History of Early Modern Europe

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Shanoaha Smith

    Main Adviser: Professor Kim, Professor Meyer-Fong

  • Mo Speller

    Mo Speller

    Research Interests:  Nineteenth and twentieth century history, Urban history, American history, Transnational history, History of capitalism, Race and racism, Space and place

    Main Adviser: Professor Ryan, Professor Connolly

  • Taylor Stephens

    Research Interests:  20th Century United States, Intellectual History, History of Capitalism, Political and Social Theory, History of the Social Sciences

    Main Adviser: Professor Burgin

  • Christina Thomas

    Christina Thomas

    Research Interests:  US Slavery, African American History, African American Family History, Biography

    Main Adviser: Professor Jackson, Professor Johnson

  • Tara Tran

    Tara Tran

    Research Interests:  Hospitality; Human Rights, Humanitarianism & Development; Women, Gender & Sexuality; Race; Empire & Colonialism

    Thesis Title: "Hospitality Engendered: Women's Bodies, Empire, and Humanitarianism in Colonial Cambodia"

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Alan van den Arend

    Alan van den Arend

    Research Interests:  Intellectual History, Classical Reception, Neo-Latin, Social Theory, and "Stupidity"

    Main Adviser: Professor Celenza, Professor Marshall

  • Joseph Wallace

    Joseph Wallace

    Research Interests:  American Legal History, The Early American Republic, Atlantic History, Early Modern France, and the History of Capitalism

    Main Adviser: Professor Furstenberg

  • Rachel Waxman

    Rachel Waxman

    Research Interests:  Early modern France, consumer culture and fashion, cross-cultural encounters, globalization, the French Revolution

    Main Adviser: Professor Kwass

  • Pelia Werth

    Pelia Werth

    Research Interests:  Mid-late medieval Europe; women's experiences of religion; religious and semi-religious communities; pilgrimage and virtual pilgrimage; religious drama; interfaith relations; Jewish life in medieval England; vernacular literature; gender and sexuality

    Main Adviser: Professor Lester

  • Jennie Williams

    Research Interests:  American slavery and the slave trade, quantitative and cliometric approaches to social history, women and gender, and the 18th and 19th century Atlantic world

    Thesis Title: "Bound Away: The Coastal Domestic Slave Trade in the Antebellum United States, 1820-1860"

    Main Adviser: Professor Furstenberg, Professor Morgan

  • Julia Wu

    Main Adviser: Professor Meyer-Fong, Professor W. Rowe

  • Alexander Young

    Alexander Young

    Research Interests:  20th-century France and North Africa; social and political movements during and after decolonization; intellectual history; history of books, printing, publishing, and censorship

    Main Adviser: Professor Shepard

  • Václav Zheng

    Václav Zheng

    Research Interests:  Historical Theory; Philosophy of Historiography; Cultural History; Anthropological History; Microhistory; History of Mentalities; Historical Experience; East Central Europe; Czech, Polish and Slovak Literature and Culture; Early Modern Poland

    Main Adviser: Professor Maciejko