J.J. Lopez Haddad

J.J. Lopez Haddad


Research Interests: Medieval Mediterranean & Middle East, Medieval Europe, Social History, Religious Difference & Minorities, and Eastern Churches

I am a scholar of Europe and the Mediterranean during the High Middle Ages. My research centers on the lives of Christians under Muslim rule and their relationships with Church hierarchies in Europe and elsewhere. I have also done work on the social history of England and France during the thirteenth century, focusing on urban life and development.

Before enrolling in Johns Hopkins, I earned an A.B. degree in History, summa cum laude, from Princeton University, alongside certificates in Medieval Studies and European Cultural Studies. My thesis consisted of a new social history of Paris as glimpsed through unusual sources—the writings of a Latin Master at the University.

You can find me on Twitter @JJLopezHaddad 

Main Advisor: Professor el-Leithy, Professor Lester