The Department of History offers students the opportunity to work intensively in the classroom and with individual faculty to discover the richness and complexity of history.

Undergraduates begin with general courses, but progress quickly to courses that explore topics in depth and provide experience in researching, analyzing, and writing about the past. Graduate students work independently and with faculty advisers on reading and research in their fields of interest, while departmental seminars bring them together to discuss their research, forging a collegial intellectual culture.

Our Research

Areas of faculty expertise include:

  1. Race and Empire in the Modern World
  2. African American History and the Black World
  3. History of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  4. History of Capitalism
  5. Early Modern (World) History, including especially Europe, East Asia, the Atlantic, and Francophone America
  6. Religion, Conversion, and Heterodoxy in the Medieval and Early Modern World
  7. Intellectual and Cultural History

Affiliated Programs