StoryTime with Dr. Connolly

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Our very own history instructors, Nathan Connolly and Shani Mott, and their children have become a family filmmaking unit with the creation of Storytime with Dr. Connolly! Every member of the family assists with the creative process, weaving together a fun experience for children to learn Africana history through books and stories.

Quotes from their interview with The Hub:

“As members of the Department of History, Connolly and Mott research and teach about race, racism, and Black community in the context of history, literature, and politics. This emphasis has found its way into the core of Storytime, with a selection of children’s books that each celebrate Black diaspora history in global and historical contexts.”

“I have found it to be so rewarding to do this kind of work as a long-term response to the problems of violence and racism and dehumanization of Black people,” Connolly said “It feels like what we’re doing here is a part of a much more durable and long-term investment in young people.”

For Mott, the social and educational aspects of the show are inextricable from the family that made it.

“I think there’s something to be said about seeing this kind of Black joy on screen,” Mott said. “The stories are nice, but I think it also matters that it’s a Black family that is putting it together. It’s joy in action, and that’s a powerful thing to see.”

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