History’s Connolly and Jackson on Team that wins $4.4 Million Mellon Grant

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Profs. Nathan Connolly and Lawrence Jackson belong to a team of Johns Hopkins University recipients of a $4.4 million Just Futures grant from the Mellon Foundation.  In tandem with Drs. Kali-Ahset Amen, Stuart Schrader, and Joseph Plaster and Gabrielle Dean of the Sheridan Libraries, the team’s joint research and programming effort, “Inheritance Baltimore,” will be funded by Mellon over the next three years.  Following existing efforts in the Department of History and under the purview of the Program in Racism Immigration and Citizenship, which Connolly and Schrader direct, much of Mellon’s support will advance current work documenting the long-term workings of institutional racism in the production of historical and humanistic knowledge.  Innovations in doctoral professionalization, community-based freedom education, and a seminar series will also follow.  These will augment programming from Jackson and Amen’s Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts that explore and preserve black archival resources, the black arts, and Baltimore’s public heritage.   

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