Johns Hopkins students, Baltimore Poly students learn about city’s role in Civil Rights

Students in History course AS.100.497 1968: Rebels, Revolutions & Right-Wing Backlash, alongside Baltimore Polytechnic Institute were brought together to work on a unique project to learn more about Baltimore’s Civil Rights history.

From the CBS News article:

Students from Baltimore’s Polytechnic Institute and Johns Hopkins University dug through old photos and newspapers on Wednesday.

“It’s important to learn about history in general,” Poly student Phoenix Shelton said.

Those students met at a library on campus at Johns Hopkins to take a look back at what it was like in Baltimore in the 1960s.

“This city has an extremely rich history and culture, but rarely actually in academia do we bother to look at what is immediately surrounding us,” said Johns Hopkins visiting professor Victoria Harms.

Harms, who teaches a history class at Johns Hopkins, wanted her students to learn more about the important role Baltimore played in the Civil Rights Movement.

You can read more about this wonderful project at CBS News and The Hub.