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What Remains: Coming to Terms with Civil War in 19th Century China

The Taiping Rebellion was one of the costliest civil wars in human history. Many millions of people lost their lives. Yet while the Rebellion has been intensely studied by scholars in China and elsewhere, we still know little of how individuals coped with these cataclysmic events. Drawing upon a rich array of primary sources, What […]

China’s Last Empire: The Great Qing

This original, thought-provoking history of China’s last empire is a must-read for understanding the challenges facing China today.

Giving Shape to Medieval History


Professor Gabrielle Spiegel specializes in the content, structure, and meaning of surviving medieval manuscripts.

Nights Out: Life in Cosmopolitan London

London’s Soho district underwent a spectacular transformation between the late Victorian era and the end of the Second World War: its old buildings and dark streets infamous for sex, crime, political disloyalty, and ethnic diversity became a center of culinary and cultural tourism servicing patrons of nearby shops and theaters.

Immigrants on the Fast Track

Lou Galambos’ new book is the subject of an article in The Baltimore Sun.