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2022 Graduate Student Fellowships, Prizes, and Publications

Eighteen History graduate students won fellowships, prizes, or published work last year. These include the 2022 Smithsonian Award for Excellence in Exhibitions, the Butler Prize, and the Ditz Prize for Graduate Teaching.

History’s Undergraduate Community

By Chloe Hawkey It’s no secret that Hopkins attracts a disproportionate number of scientifically and medically inclined students. Bucking the tide, undergraduate history majors have demonstrated an increasing dedication to […]

The Black World Seminar

by Jessica Newby In March of 2021, I visited the department as a recently admitted prospective student. Shortly after an introductory meeting, one of my prospective advisors, Dr. Jessica Marie […]

‘Wicked Flesh’ wins Berkshire Conference Book Prize

‘Wicked Flesh’ wins Berkshire Conference Book Prize
Jessica Marie Johnson’s book, Wicked Flesh: Black Women, Intimacy, and Freedom in the Atlantic World, has won the Berkshire Conference Book Prize for a first book that deals substantially with […]

Black Beyond Data

Black Beyond Data
Historian and Assistant Professor Jessica Marie Johnson leads several teams tapping into the power of datasets to uncover new truths about Black history. Read more about her work, her teams, and why her ability to see new perspectives with data in the spring 2022 issue of the Krieger School's Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Graduate student Jessica Newby receives the Butler Prize

Graduate student Jessica Newby received the Butler Prize for her Outstanding First Year Paper!! “Country Name Molia: in Motion in 18th Century Rural Jamaica.”  The Butler Prize is awarded annually […]