Tobie Meyer-Fong


Gilman 330C
Monday, 12-1:20pm; and by appointment
Curriculum Vitae

Tobie Meyer-Fong, professor and director of graduate studies, received her bachelor's degree from Yale University in 1989 and her doctoral degree from Stanford University in 1998. She has been editor of the journal Late Imperial China since 2007.

Society for Qing Studies

Prof. Meyer-Fong’s undergraduate courses at Hopkins include a broad survey of China’s early history (Neolithic to Song), a survey of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and a comparative survey on National Identity in 20th-Century China and Japan. She also offers upper-level seminars such as Women and Modern Chinese History, Monuments and Memory in Asian History, and Late Imperial China: History and Fantasy.

Her graduate seminars include a methods course, Reading Qing Documents, and topics courses such as Cultural Histories of Late Imperial and Modern China.

Professor Meyer-Fong’s most recent book, What Remains: Coming to Terms with Civil War in Nineteenth-Century China, deals with the devastating emotional, cultural, and social impact of the Taiping rebellion. Her first book, Building Culture in Early Qing Yangzhou, describes the construction of cultural landmarks and the re-creation of elite identities in the city of Yangzhou after the Manchu conquest. Fudan University Press published a translation of Building Culture under the title Qingchu Yangzhou wenhua in 2004.